Panel Discussion - Careers in Conservation

Sangeetha Kadur

Wildlife and Nature Artist

Sangeetha Kadur is a highly acclaimed wildlife and nature artist with a career spanning nearly two decades. Her art emphasizes the significance of biodiversity and fosters pride in our natural heritage. She has collaborated with wildlife organizations on education and outreach projects and illustrated numerous books, including the internationally acclaimed 'Hummingbirds of the World.' Sangeetha's passion for the environment led her to co-found 'GreenScraps,' a nature journaling workshop inspiring a new generation of nature artists. Through her art and initiatives, she strives to create wonder, admiration, and respect for the natural world.

Tarsh Thekaekara


Tarsh is a researcher-conservationist interested in more human inclusive models of nature conservation. He has a PhD from the British Open University, and an MSc from the University of Oxford. In addition to his affiliation with the Dakshin Foundation, he is also associated with The Shola Trust and the National Centre for Biological Sciences. His areas of research and intervention include work on Lantana camara – mapping it in Mudumalai, Bandipur and Wayanad, while also looking at how communities can use the plant in various ways. His work also involves investigating how people and elephants share space, particularly in the Gudalur region in the Nilgiris, and finding ways to minimise negative interactions.

Sahil Nijhawan

Interdisciplinary Researcher

Sahil is an interdisciplinary conservation anthropologist who has worked in Latin America, Southern Africa and India. His work integrates ecological methods and newer technologies with traditional ethnographic approaches to understand wild animals, people, and the relations between the two. For the past decade, he has worked with and alongside the Idu Mishmi people of Arunachal Pradesh - a journey that began with his doctoral research on socio-cultural, ecological and political relations between the Idu Mishmi and tigers. He is now part of a team of Idu Mishmi people working on a range of locally-led initiatives towards rights-based bio-cultural conservation and research. He is a scientist at the Nature Conservation Foundation, Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and University College London (UCL), and is also affiliated with the Coexistence Consortium and the ICCA Consortium. He runs an Indigenous PhD program for Arunachalee scholars.


Indian Forest Service officer

Karthikeyani is a 2018 batch Indian Forest Service officer from Palani, Tamil Nadu. She holds a B.Sc in Agriculture from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. With interests in sports and cooking, she embarked on her journey to protect wildlife and nature. As an Assistant Conservator of Forests in Hosur, she initiated a successful campaign, "Ozhippom Thupakkiyai Kaapom Yanaigalai," encouraging villagers to surrender illegal country-made guns. The campaign resulted in the recovery of 111 illegal guns. Recognizing her dedication, she was promoted to Wildlife Warden, continuing her mission to safeguard wildlife and preserve India's natural heritage.

Bhanu Sridharan

Senior Reporter

Bhanu is a Senior Reporter at Citizen Matters, Bengaluru, a media outlet focused on urban issues. She previously worked as an independent environmental journalist covering biodiversity and access to natural resources. Her work has been published in Mongabay, the Wire, Caravan and republished in, The News Minute and Pacific Standard. At Citizen Matters she covers a range of topics but is most interested in how Bengaluru's growth impacts nature and people. She has an Masters degree in Wildlife Biology and Conservation from NCBS and studied mangrove forests in the Andaman Islands before switching to journalism.