SCCS-Bengaluru 2022 will be an online conference event.

However, we still require some help from volunteers in facilitating all activities of the conference. The conference will be held over Slack and Zoom with some segments being streamed over Youtube.

Online volunteers will be expected to facilitate a pleasant virtual conference experience by managing tasks such as crewing our Slack help-desk and being responsible for channel and Zoom room moderation.

We are looking for people who are well versed in Slack and Zoom and can handle channel moderation, are reliable and keen on facilitating a smooth virtual conference experience.

Duties might involve but are not limited to:

  • Moderating and housekeeping discussions in online channels (i.e., Slack, Zoom and YouTube)
  • Facilitating participants in setting up their presentations/ demonstrations.
  • Helping encourage discussions in the several conference Slack channels and threads.
  • Assistants for each Zoom/Session room.
  • Troubleshooting online sessions, if needed.

The Call for Volunteers for SCCS-Bng 2022 is now closed.